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Read-Gene - Innovative Genetics

READ-GENE SA is a company of innovative technologies, which aim is to commercialize methods of detection, prevention and treatment of the most common types of malignant tumours.
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Read-Gene - Innovative Genetics

Detection of diseases, with use of genetic research allows prevention and faster start of treatment that in many cases significantly increase chances for cure.

Genetic tests can indicate whether person have tendency, genetic predisposition for having tumours. The most commonly tested are neoplasms of the brain, lung, reproductive organs, colon and breast cancer.

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Most of fathers and shareholders of Read-Gene S.A. are respected scientists, working in International Hereditary Cancer Center in Szczecin under the guidance of Prof. Jan LubiƄski.

The key to Read-Gene innovative approach in oncology is division of patients into sub-groups of defined genetic profile based on their individual inherited genetic characteristics while choosing methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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