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Read-Gene - Innovative Genetics

READ-GENE SA is a company of innovative technologies, which aim is to commercialize methods of detection, prevention and treatment of the most common types of malignant tumours.
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About Read-Gene

The company’s special fields are chemoprevention, clinical trials and genetic testing, all complementary fields. 

In chemoprevention natural and synthetic substances are applied to stop, revert or delay the cancer process. Chemoprevention is Read-Gene’s main field. In order to keep its prevention programme on a possibly natural level, the company has developed the Programme at Read-Gene Diet, in which patients are given food with dosaged microelements and vitamins.

The object of clinical trials is to ascertain whether a drug, preparation or technology is effective and safe. Read-Gene offers clinical trials to companies, mainly from the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological branches.What is ground-breaking in this programme is the fact that it focuses on patients with a defined genetic profile. In two clinical trials cycles commissioned by pharmaceutical firms Read-Gene managed to recruit the largest number of patients worldwide, for which the company received commendation letters.

Genetic testing and genetic/cancer consulting are open to all patients. In December 2008 the company launched a web platform in Polish and English.

The company’s intellectual value includes five foreign and six domestic patents, with more patent applications in process. Read-Gene philosophy in genetics is to improve cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment and thus to decrease the cost of oncologic management.